What I listen to whilst working

25th April 2016

We've all seen the part in the film 'The Social Network' where Zuckerberg moves to Palo Alto and the developers are sitting in the kitchen, headphones on. The doorbell rings, the programmers can't be disturbed because “They're wired in”. That's how developers like to be. Concentrating. Undisturbed.

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I Just Wanna Watch A Film

24th April 2016

“Film night!” my four year old yells every Friday evening. Its a family thing. The trouble is, we spend an unnatural amount of time deciding what it is we are going to watch.

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21st April 2016

After starting the 30DWC with a raft of blog posts and writing, things changed. The reason for the decline was simple: I wanted to achieve something else.

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The Lost Rave Generation

8th April 2016

Throughout popular culture there are references to the times and events that shaped the lives of the young people of the time. Events such as the Beatles at the Cavern Club, the 1967 Summer of Love, Woodstock, the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, and Live Aid. Yet when it comes to the events, and particularly the music, of the late 1980s and early 1990s, very little is written.

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Keep It Simple

2nd April 2016

Sales were down at Acme Toothpaste Co., and the CEO called a brainstorming meeting to find a solution. Every Head of Department attended, each suggesting ideas...

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